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Motherly Love Knows No Bounds In These DIFF Films

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by Alex Garcia Topete
DIFF Writer

“There’s nothing like a mother’s love,” or so the saying goes, but that belief hasn’t stopped the filmmakers behind a variety of movies in this year’s DIFF to try to show us the many aspects of a mother’s love. From a love that is selfless and prone to sacrifice, to a love that borders on the neurotic and asphyxiating, one can find all sorts of mothers as the leading ladies in these festival films.

24390158210414984You can find Penelope Cruz’s Magda in MA MA facing adversity like only a mother can: stoically, concerned with the future of her son and whole family, and overcoming the challenges of divorce and cancer.

You can find love that exists and stands out even in the darkest of moments in life, as presented in A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS, in which Natalie Portman acts, writes, and directs like only a mother of many talents like her could accomplish.

You can find love that brings some kind of peace and understanding, just like the family in OTHER PEOPLE, led by a funny and very human mother played by Molly Shannon, reminding the audience that families aren’t always dysfunctional—they’re just families.

You can find love that seeks a connection, whether that be with a relative or a stranger, such as Naomi’s love in LAST SUMMER, a mother striving to bond with her son or anyone that will let her, beautifully played by Rinko Kikuchi at her best level of sadness and mystery.

You can find love that comes from being reunited; a reunion that allows new light to be shed on the relationship between mother and daughter, like in THREE DAYS IN AUGUST.

24390158210412290You can find the prototypical mother-daughter relationship in THE ANTRHOPOLOGIST—at times at odds because both are strong-willed, but always close and almost ironically interconnected by the interests and life passions of both.

Ultimately, all of these movies shows us an overarching truth about mothers—no matter their screen time or type of love, they’re always the heroines in their stories.


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